IYCSA GROUP was born from the union of several companies in the sector led by IYCSA to offer integral solutions to our clients.


We execute each and every construction, refurbishment and installation job in accordance with the standards defined by the client.


We take on the client’s objectives, wishes and dreams as our own.


We strengthen our relationship on a day-to-day basis until we become a partner you can count on at any time.


We always stay by our client’s side to help them to meet their needs.


Anticipating changes in the environment and helping our clients to do so.


Towards society, the environment and people, both those on our team as well as our clients and partners.


IYCSA GROUP was born from the union of several companies in the construction sector led by IYCSA.
IYCSA GROUP is made up of different business units with the capacity to act independently or in a coordinated way, generating synergies in order to provide integral solutions adapted to the needs of our clients.


IYCSA - Ingeniería y Conservación

Since its incorporation in 1992, IYCSA has been increasing its activity, positioning itself as a reference in the construction and space adaptation sector.In these 30 years, IYCSA has achieved a series of milestones and objectives focused on the search for excellence in our product, our commitment to the customer and the internationalisation of our activity.

Futura Instalaciones

Futura Instalaciones

With more than 35 years of experience, Futura Instalaciones specialises in all types of electrical installations, fire protection and turnkey projects, designing them from the start of the work, execution, assembly, commissioning and maintenance. Environmentally aware, it focuses its activity on renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

Catey instalaciones

Catey Instalaciones

Pioneers in air conditioning and specialising in Aerotermia, Catey Instalaciones has been at the forefront of the latest technologies and innovations in energy efficiency for more than 25 years. It carries out air conditioning and electrical projects and installations in all types of buildings, always seeking to offer the best service and quality.


IYCSA GROUP Consultoría de Gestión

In order to increase profitability and be more competitive, IYCSA Group Consultoría de Gestión was created as an independent unit that manages all the tasks in which the activity and central services of all the Group's business units are designed.

IYCSA Construções

IYCSA Construções is dedicated to the construction and adaptation of spaces in Portugal. As well as the installation and de-installation of ATMs.


Constantly growing and based in the Czech Republic, Uragus is responsible for carrying out construction and renovation projects in Central Europe.


It offers construction solutions tailored to the customer's needs in Eastern Europe.


Turnkey Projects

We take care of the entire construction and installation process, from concept, design, project, construction, renovation and refurbishment, to the maintenance of our own or existing projects.


Sustainability and energy efficiency

With a focus on efficient and sustainable construction, we develop our activity considering the environmental impact in all its components: choice of materials, proper management of processes, efficient facilities and the use and installation of renewable energies.

We also manage LEED, BREEAM, VERDE and WELL certificates.



The commitment of the companies that make up IYCSA GROUP in all its work is safety in two aspects; on the one hand, minimising the environmental impact as much as possible and on the other, being vigilant and scrupulous in the application of the Health and Safety procedures of our workers. For this reason, we maintain and develop an integrated management system certified in accordance with the applicable requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.


The differential characteristics that make our customers trust us


We have a highly qualified team made up of professionals with multidisciplinary profiles to respond to the needs of our clients, the market and the company itself. All this with the aim of remaining innovative and committed to continuous improvement in the development of each of our projects.


Our interest in offering the best service to our customers makes it essential to be fully updated in terms of technical knowledge, regulations, legal requirements, new technologies, latest trends in the sector, as well as in approvals and certifications.



Our commitment to strict compliance with agreed terms and conditions.


We have efficient, flexible procedures adapted to each type of project and particular needs.

After-sales service

Exquisite care in after-sales service and support after completion of the work, as well as the ability to offer preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance services.

New technologies

The incorporation of new technologies to provide greater value to the client at different stages of the process.

More than 3000 successfully completed projects


The companies that make up the IYCSA GROUP have been carrying out projects for around 30 years and share the same values: quality, commitment, trust, proximity, flexibility and responsibility.



  • To provide comprehensive solutions to adapt all types of spaces to any of our client’s requirements.
  • To operate at a national and international level with the highest standards of quality, excellence and innovation.
  • To bring our experience and knowledge to every space so that the client gets  a unique and personal outcome.
  • To work hand in hand with our clients, helping them to achieve their objectives on every project.


  • To become a national and international reference in the development of flexible spaces that are tailored to the new needs of our clients. To apply together with our  client  new technological, social and cultural developments, as well as new organisational and management trends.
  • To bring our clients and partners the greatest added value to satisfy all their needs, through our commitment, maximum proximity and trust in our mutual  long-term relationship.


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